Dean Gambles

CEO - Founder

Day to Day: Heads up the central London restaurant agency team, acts for best of the best and responsible for some of the industry’s most talked about transactions.

Clients Include: Jason Atherton, Jun Tanaka, Coya, Duddells, Leandro Carreira.

Career Highlight: The acquisition of an old Pitcher and Piano site situated on a narrow side street on the outskirts of Mayfair, better known now as the world-renowned Pollen Street Social – now regarded by food critics as one of the best restaurants on the planet.

Likes: Combat Sports.

Dislikes: Junk Food and Soap Operas.

Favourite Restaurant: Social Eating House.

Favourite Bar: The Blind Pig.

Favourite Area in London: Mayfair, need I say more?

Guilty Pleasure: Binge watching old boxing fights on YouTube.

Couldn't live without: Family and friends.

Spends weekends: On Daddy duty, at the Gym or catching up on work in the office.

Interesting fact: Was a National ranked swimmer back in the 90's.

In a few words: I’m a hardworking, determined deal maker. I have a love for food, fitness and my precious family. As an agent I’m loyal, trustworthy and perhaps most importantly have all the tools to get the job done.

Nishan Bhaker

President - Co-Founder

Day to Day: Representing some of London’s finest restaurateurs and brands. Looking for their next or first site is a non-stop process. Whether it’s networking with landlords, developers and agents or traipsing the streets for something off-market, I’m at it. Project management is a vital skill which I’ve learnt over the years and is essential in seeing a deal through from offering on a property to completion. This means ensuring all parties and stake holders are on board and are achieving what they’re supposed to. Ensuring my clients can trust in me to source and secure their next property is something that drives me as well as knowing I get to taste the results at the end of it all!

Clients: Angela Hartnett, Soho House Group, Sumosan Twiga, Beef Bar and Macellaio.

Career Highlight: Setting a rental precedence in China Town on behalf of a HNWI.

Likes: Eating and drinking my way through London’s finest restaurants and bars.

Dislikes: Raisins.

Favourite Restaurant: Zuma.

Favourite Bar: NoMad, New York.

Favourite Area in London: Mayfair.

Guilty Pleasure: A pint of Guinness.

Couldn't live without: Football.

Spends weekends: Socialising with family and friends.

Interesting Fact: Arsenal Season Ticket Holder.

In a Few Words: Cool, calm and collected.

Paul Danvers

Head of Professional Services

Day to day: Provides professional property services tailored to client requirements, specialising in Lease Consultancy, Dilapidations, and Rating.

Clients: RCGP, Tracelink Europe Ltd, Tesco, London Steakhouse.

Career Highlight: Being awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners for services to the College.

Likes: Walking my dog.

Dislikes: Foxes and mosquitos!

Favourite Restaurant: Bleeding Heart Farringdon.

Favourite Bar: Bree Louise.

Favourite Area in London: South Bank.

Guilty Pleasure: Malt Whisky.

Couldn’t live without: My boat.

Spends weekends: Visiting family, sailing, swimming, volunteering for the RNLI and Scouting.

Interesting Fact: Walked across England, coast to coast.

In a few words: Proud father and now grandfather.

Qualifications: BSc FRICS C.Build E FCABE FRCGP(Hon)

Richard Sworn

Professional Services

Day to day: Specialising in Rent Review and Lease Renewal Negotiations and Third Party Referrals

Clients: BusabaEathai, Carluccio’s, Granger and Co, Hermes, Iberica, Loco Locale, Tapas Revolution

Career Highlight: Becoming a Fellow of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Likes: Tottenham Hotspur, watching Tottenham Hotspur (on TV) and Harry “he’s one of our own” Kane, Test Match Cricket, Wimbledon Tennis (if I can get a ticket) and F1.

Dislikes: Arsenal and Road Hogs

Favourite Restaurant: Buenos Aires

Favourite Bar: Raffles, Singapore

Favourite Area in London: Richmond Riverside

Guilty Pleasure: Football Strike, Stick Tennis, Super League (need I go on)

Couldn’t live without: Bananas and Cheese

Spends weekends: Shopping, visiting family, eating out, walking, oh and watching Spurs on TV too

In a few words: Forensic (an Arbitrator’s description of me), thorough and tenacious in my approach to getting the best possible outcome for a client.

Qualifications: F.R.I.C.S. and M.R.P.A.S

Alexandra Sevilla

Operations Executive

Day to Day: Coordinate executive communications, including taking calls, responding to emails and interfacing with clients, prepare and filing internal and external company documents, schedule meetings and appointments and manage travel itineraries, maintain an organised filing system of electronic documents, uphold a strict level of confidentiality, preparing financial statements, reports, memos, invoices letters, and other business documentation, handling basic bookkeeping tasks and liaising with the bookkeeper as to ensure that bookkeeping files are kept up dated, using various software, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software, reading and analysing incoming emails, letters, submissions, and distributing them as needed, office management including payment of bills and settling invoices, liaising with IT support to ensure IT equipment is well maintained and up to date software is installed.

Likes: Considerate, true-hearted people.

Dislikes: Liars.

Favourite restaurant: Vikings

Guilty pleasure: ONLINE SHOPPING!

Couldn't live without: My daughter.

Spends weekends: Out of town. Swimming or just hotel accommodation.

Interesting fact: Nominated as Best Employee in 2010.

In a few words: I am considerate, sensitive, generous, and loyal.

Megan Amator-Colico

Executive Assistant to President

Day to day: Inputting restaurants on to our Client Acquisition Portal and other important administrative tasks.

Likes: Travelling and meeting new people.

Dislikes: People who don't take responsibility for their actions.

Favourite Restaurant: Casa Verde.

Guilty Pleasure: Ice Cream.

Couldn't Live Without: My Family.

Spend my weekends: I have a love for cinema and enjoy watching movies and TV series on Netflix.

Interesting Facts: I am a little obsessed with watching kids and/or Disney movies. It always brings out the inner child in me. I absolutely love the Harry Potter Series and Game of Thrones!

In a few words: I possess the willingness to help when needed and aim to please others.

Fatima Grace Gaudiano

Executive Assistant to CEO

Day to day: Scheduling and calendar management, client relations, organizing appointments and other clerical work.

Likes: Being in a workplace wherein people work as a team.

Dislikes: Negativity.

Favourite Restaurant: The Cheesecake Factory.

Guilty Pleasure: Shoes.

Couldn't Live Without: My Shaun.

Spend my weekends: Watching tv series and movies.

Interesting Facts: A lover of music and arts.

In a few words: Resilient and patient.

Christian Santos

Multimedia Designer

Day to day: Creating different visual content for print, web, and digital channels of Dean Gambles and Co.

Likes: Comics, Football, Basketball, Movies, 'Game Of Thrones'.

Dislikes: Unplanned vacations, Phone calls, 'Harry Potter'.

Favourite Restaurant: Macellaio RC.

Guilty Pleasure: Fish and Chips, Fried Chicken.

Couldn't Live Without: My wife.

Spend my weekends: At home watching a movie.

Interesting Facts: I started designing stuff for our local church using Microsoft Word.

In a few words: Nothing is impossible.

Ennister Santos

Social Media Marketing Manager

Day to day: Handles DG social media engagement, trend research, market study, content creation and management.

Likes: Sweets, trips, romcoms and social media.

Dislikes: Exotic food, dares, burnt food, cats.

Favourite Restaurant: Neat Burger.

Guilty Pleasure: Fresh spring rolls.

Couldn't Live Without: Coffee.

Spend my weekends: At home.

Interesting Facts: Started to learn about social media marketing using my own blog.

In a few words: Straightforward, no BS approach in business and life.