Flat Iron acquires triple front Kings Cross restaurant

The fifth restaurant acquired for casual steak restaurant 'Flat Iron'.

Client: A joint venture between an IT entrepreneur with International restaurant holdings and former Jamie’s Italian chef.

Brief: To dispose of 27-31 Caledonian Road due to operational issues and to allow our client to focus on the restaurants abroad rather than at home.

Process: The restaurant benefited from a large frontage and due to an ongoing redevelopment of both mainline stations and to the former stables and other surrounding areas we knew that King’s Cross as an area was becoming increasingly popular and was on the requirement list of many of our clients. The great presence and large floor areas convinced us that this site would be suitable for an existing operator looking to enter the King’s Cross restaurant market.

The Institute of Physics recently secured the adjacent building to move their West End headquarters to Caledonian Road bringing with them hundreds of staff and students adding further potential to the restaurant. However the works meant that there was restricted access to Caledonian road for pedestrians. This matter led us to refocus our attention to operators who were happy to have a deal in the pipeline and who didn’t need to do an instant fit out and opening.

Result: Through a vast restaurant operator contacts which covers the whole of central London we identified Flat Iron Steak who have four restaurants currently based in Soho, Covent Garden and Shoreditch.

"Fast and efficient, thanks Dean."
- John Todd