Building a Better Hospitality Business


For over 30 years Paperchase has specialised in providing accounting services to hospitality businesses, including, restaurants, bars, hotels and franchises that require solid financial management, from experts who truly understand the industry. But what really stands Paperchase apart from its peers, is that we cater exclusively to hospitality industry.


It all began in 1989 when three brothers, growing up working in the family restaurant business, whilst studying accountancy, combined their knowledge and love of hospitality with their financial skills to provide other restaurateurs with exceptional bookkeeping and accountancy services.



Now, the Paperchase team supports more than 450 hospitality clients around the world with over 1,000 establishments in the UK, Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. With exceptional in-depth industry knowledge, Paperchase employs a team of accountants that only work in the hospitality sector, in addition to a client facing delivery team from the hospitality sector, that understands restaurant accounting.


Our diverse client base has over 30 Michelin Stars, and includes multi-chains and high-profile establishments such as Zuma, Wasabi, Dishoom, Roka, The Ledbury, Fallow, José Pizarro and Amazonico. Paperchase also works with bright new ‘rising stars’ that are tearing up the rule book, taking hospitality by storm, such as The Salad Project and Crosstown Doughnuts.


Paperchase does not just manage the daily financials, we create layers of statistical information, with which we help all clients to understand their business better, making them more efficient, whilst making their businesses more profitable. With a wide range of hospitality accounting solutions and tools including bookkeeping and payroll, business analysis, efficiency tools and hospitality financial consulting, we truly are your preferred partner in this space. Our skills are brought to bear at the early ‘concept stage’ for many new ventures where, working with operators creating new hospitality brands.


Paperchase is instrumental in not only making the numbers work, but can add value as to how a concept hits the streets running. What’s more, we offer a scalable solution, and we can grow with you as your business demands change. With vast knowledge of working with global brands, Paperchase can also help operators to transcend their local constraints and develop global wings, taking their hospitality concepts to new countries and continents. We have helped countless businesses to do just that. We can help you ensure your finances are right every step of the way, whether you’re in the early stages of finding a site with experts such as Dean Gambles & Co, or up and running and trying to improve the efficiency of your restaurant – we’re here to help!


Should you have any questions feel free to contact Marc via 07545 922908 or email at Visit to know more.